About Us

Thanks for following along. We often get asked about how we got into this business so we'd like to share our story here. 


My name is Meg and together with my husband Darryl, own and operate a little coffee shop in a small rural town in North Carolina. In short, we have long dreamed of what we would do with a coffee shop if we owned one. Prior to opening in Carthage, Darryl was working in carpentry doing beautiful remodeling work on resorts and dream homes. I was previously a massage therapist and instructor at Sandhills Community College, and was staying at home with our four children. We have a country mouse - city mouse romance story and the city mouse really loves living in the country with all of it's charms. Between the two of us we had worked in various vocations (including coffee) both for large and small companies, and also for ourselves. But it was time for a change and the opportunity presented itself and we took it, with the hopes of doing something we both loved, together. We remodeled the space that had a lengthy history of different vocational occupants itself, by including a kitchen and a few cosmetic upgrades and opened the doors in February 2015. We named the shop after the town history which you can read about here. We really love our town and our community that we have called home for over 13 years. In 2016 we performed in a theatrical play retelling this interesting history. We likewise enjoy learning about history and try to integrate that into what we do from time to time, because coffee has a fascinating history as well - more on that in future posts. 


Coffee is truly fascinating and quite complex. Imagine the difference between a granny smith apple and a red delicious. There are similar differences in coffees as it is, after all, the seed of a cherry. We will expand on this in future posts about the plant and varieties and such, but for now, just know that there are so many coffees out there. We want to try them all, and we want to share them with you. Coffee only grows in equatorial regions. The variety, region, elevation, farming, and processing can all have an affect on how differently the coffee tastes. Even coffee from the same region can differ from a neighboring farm and even more, from year to year. There are numerous roasters in the area and throughout the country, some of which have direct relationships with the farms, offer different coffees, and roast at different levels. We want to showcase our favorites. Sign up for our newsletter to find out more about what we will be offering and keep an eye out on our retail shelves. Check on what they recommend for your preferred brewing method and taste. We can make recommendations on how best to prepare these coffees at home and have some brewing equipment on our retail shelves. If you don't see what you're looking for, let us know! 


We felt it was important to have a variety of fun and interesting and yet familiar foods available to go with the coffee and tea we serve. Our influences come from family recipes, travels, and some signature creations. We continue to develop new things inspired by the seasons and different cultures, because coffee is, after all, from a different place and yet enjoyed around the globe. We wanted our food to compliment that in a familiar and interesting way. Our menu is continually evolving as we make improvements and innovations. The best way to know what's new, is to visit the shop and talk to our staff. We even have a few "secret menu" items you should definitely try.  


Lastly, since opening we have wanted to bring the coffee to the people, not just have the people come to the coffee [shop]. So we do events in the area. If you would like to have us do a pop-up at your space or event, please contact us here! Occasionally we have events at our shop like live music, makers markets, coffee tastings, and classes. Take a look at our Calendar (here) on our website and our event page on Facebook (here) for those. We also do catering for things like bridal/baby showers, weddings, birthday parties, business meetings, conferences and more. Our space is rentable after hours for private events as well. For more information on any of the above, send us an email and let's make it happen. Want to carry some of our signature products in your shop/office/venue? We do that too. 


So that's our story. Thanks for being a part of it and following along. We love the community we have found through this shop and can't wait to see what the future holds. Let us know in the comments below of what you would like us to write about in future posts. 


Darryl & Meg