Our Story

Hello and Welcome!

We started this shop in 2014. Many of the items on our menu have been our own creations or have come from family recipes or just things we love that we can't usually find nearby. We update items seasonally. Our mission is to make your day better. 

Coffee offerings change weekly. We roast the coffee we use for batch(drip), espresso, and cold brew (available for sale in our flagship store and our webshop). We feature different guest roasters monthly from around the country who offer coffees of different origin, variety, processing method, or roast level. We taste everything before we put it on the menu and our baristas can make suggestions based on your taste preferences. 

The shop was named after the town history, which you can read about here .

We like history. Coffee has a history. Even before it lands in your cup. That is a story we love to tell also.

We offer classes where we discuss more about coffee and tea as well as tastings and demonstrations. Keep an eye out in future newsletters and on social media for when those events take place so you can sign up first.

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Darryl & Meg Russell