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Swiss Water Decaf
Swiss Water Decaf
Swiss Water Decaf
Swiss Water Decaf
Swiss Water Decaf

Swiss Water Decaf

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Origin: Peru

Process: Swiss Water

Roast Level: Medium


Buying/Storage Tips:

If you have a quality grinder at home that grinds fairly evenly (we prefer conical burrs) purchasing whole bean coffee will stay fresher longer. Grind your coffee for the application i.e. course (like pretzel salt) for french press, regular (like kosher salt) for drip, fine (like table salt) for espresso. Ideally you want to purchase as much coffee as you can use in 1-2 weeks for peak freshness.

The bag provided has a one-way valve so the coffee can release CO2 and at the same time be protected from other kitchen odors when closed properly. Keep out of direct light and in cool temperatures. If storing in the freezer, place bag inside sturdy closed container to protect moisture levels and protect from odors. 



Crafting your perfect recipe is easy when you understand some of the basic factors. Those are ratio, grind, and time. First, determine the weight of the coffee vessel you are brewing into. This is best achieved using a kitchen gram scale that has an automatic shutoff longer than 20-30 seconds like this one. Once you know the weight of your water in grams, you can use the 1:18 ratio and calculate your ideal coffee weight (free ratio calculator here). From here you can make adjustments to your taste preference with either more or less coffee. 


Flavor Notes:

We believe taste to be highly subjective. So we purposefully leave off flavor notes for you to discover yourself. That being said, there are some flavors that are broadly perceived from certain varieties, growing regions, and roast profiles and we offer these in our color code as a general starting point. From there, use a flavor wheel like the one from the SCA to pinpoint specific flavors. Share with us what you taste!

Tag us in your photos using @buggytowncoffee and #buggytowncoffee for a chance to win a free bag of coffee delivered to your door.